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Slobodan Dmitrović
Software Consultant, Trainer, and Author

Slobodan Dmitrović is a software consultant, C and C++ trainer, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of “Clear Programming Paradigm”, an LLC that provides outsourcing and training services. Slobodan’s ability to summarize complex topics and provide insightful training made him a sought after consultant for the automotive, fintech, and other industries. Slobodan has a strong interest in C, C++, software architecture, training, and R&D.

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About The Book

Learning C++ can be a challenge. Let us make this learning experience as friendly as possible.

A Friendly Approach

This book is an effort to introduce the reader to a C++ programming language in a structured, straightforward, and friendly manner. We will use the "just enough theory" and "plenty of examples" approach whenever possible.


The author carefully hand-picked areas of C++ every C++ developer should learn. Learning C++ is a huge mountain to climb. Let us do it step-by-step. Each section features essential C++ theory and plenty of source code examples.

The C++ Programming Language

C++ is a language like no other, surprising in its complexity, yet wonderfully sleek and elegant in so many ways. A language that can not be learned by guessing, one that is easy to get wrong and challenging to get right.

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Consultancy Services

Slobodan specializes in:

Slobodan specializes in C++ training and mentoring. He is also an experienced conference speaker.

Slobodan provides software development consultancy services for various domains and industries. He can also help with your C and C++ outsourcing needs.

With years of experience in the research and development department, Slobodan can help your project grow, adapt, and improve. Please feel free to schedule a meeting.

Slobodan can help with code migration to a new compiler, C++ framework maintainance, and new feature development.

Slobodan is open to work and travel at short notice.

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